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Sep 08, 2017 at 09:22 AM

Searching for „Best practice“: 5-system landscape for Release Management

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For our release management (3 month cycles) we want to implement the recommended 5-system landscape:

I’m sure many of you are working in such a landscape, but I’m not finding a best practice guide how to handle this in real life.

My naïve understanding is the following:

At the beginning of the release cycle DEV and QAS (release n) are copied and service packs etc. are implemented if needed into the new systems. The developments for the release (incl. project works) are started in the DEV n+1 system.

Urgent developments (error corrections) are implemented and transported in the emergency lane and also have to be implemented in the release lane.

At the end of the release cycle, service packs are implemented into PRD, the PRD system is switched over to the release lane and the transports of the release lane are imported into PRD.

DEV and QAS of the emergency lane can be deleted, new copies of the DEV n+1 and QAS n+1 are created for the n+2 release. The cycle begins again.

Now my questions: Is my understanding reasonably correct?

  • How do you make sure, that the emergency changes are also implemented into the release lane? Organizational or with tools?
  • How will the PRD switch to the release lane take place (or should my basis team already know this?)?
  • Any other real life tips what we have to consider?

I am grateful for every advice,


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