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Sep 26, 2007 at 11:59 PM

set cursor on table control not working



I have a screen with delivery number field on top with Get Data Button next to it. Once I click on Get Data, I want to get all the handling units and show them in a table control below and show the first line of that table control selected by default.

I m able to get the data but the cursor always goes back to the delivery number field.

I have the following code in PBO

  • Status & title for the screen

MODULE status_0100.

And in the module, the last lines are as follows

if sy-ucomm = 'GET'.

s_vepo-sel = c_x.

set cursor field 'TABLE1' line 1. "TABLE1 is name of the table control in screen



I debugged and saw that the line " set cursor field 'TABLE1' line 1." is indeed the last line which gets executed but still the cursor goes back to delivery number field and table row doesnt get selected.

Thanks for reading.