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Cover page text not appearing for some users.

Sep 08, 2017 at 06:13 AM


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Hi all,

I have a strange issue where the cover page text is not appearing for a user(dialog). This is happening in VA03.

The above screen shot is a success one where the cover page text is appearing but in the below screen shot the values not appearing .

Could you please suggest what can be done in this case. In NACE the cover page text is maintained. As i have mentioned earlier this is happening for only few users. The authorization for the users are there and there is no missing authorization. I have tried to debug the form and &VBAK-VBELN& and &VBAK-VDATU& value is fetched in the form level during debugging, but its not displayed in the output level. Could you please help me...I have searched all the forums but am not finding a solution for this issue. Am not knowing how to proceed on this. Please help



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Jelena Perfiljeva Sep 11, 2017 at 06:53 PM

1. This can be overwritten in the condition records. The settings in the condition records will override the configuration. Check the output determination analysis to see if the output is triggered differently in those cases.

2. Have an ABAPer check the program that performs replacement of symbols (it should be in NACE) and search in SAP notes. I don't remember the specific notes but was searching for the same functionality in the billing documents and found many notes pointing to the potential issues (e.g. the timing of updates and the fields not being populated yet) and workarounds. Search "output replacement of text symbols" and go from there.

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Former Member Sep 12, 2017 at 10:38 AM

Hi Jelena,

Thanks for the response. I have checked the program which triggers the print output. The break point does not trigger the program. You have mentioned replacement of symbols, could you please let me know what it means?

Will ask the functional consultant to check the condition records as suggested by you in point 1.

Will check for available SAP notes.

Thanks and Regards,


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Sorry, I didn't see this before because it was posted as an answer instead of a comment.

"Replacement of text symbols" is what allows to put dynamic values into the cover page text field (it becomes the email subject if output is sent by email). E.g. in NACE you'd put "Here is your invoice &VBRK-VBELN&" and then a small program can be written that will replace "symbol" (&VBRK-VBELN&) with the actual value at runtime. It's a very old concept.