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Sep 26, 2007 at 08:22 PM

Comparing Client Export step with Client Import step...


Another question relating to Client Export and Import, here from the Production system to the QA System:

ie P01/700 --> QA/500

The Client Export created an RT* data file that is approx. 1.5 Gbytes.

I am currently importing the transport into the target client 500 on the QA system and so far the QA system has grown by 9 Gbytes and is still growing! (ie the import is still running!!).

Also, I didn't do a test client copy on the P01 system so I don't know exactly how big the copied client actually is.

What's really puzzling me is where the data being imported is coming from? if it's the RT* file (which is only 1.5 Gbytes) then that's some compression ratio???

Anyone able to explain this to me?

Also, typically does the Import step take longer than the Export step?... if so by how much ie twice as long, three times as long? etc

Many thanks