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Creation of Interaction Record


We are implementing Interaction Center and one of the project steps is a migration from legacy system to SAP CRM.

I'm trying to create interaction records (below picture) via BAPI_ACTIVITYCRM_CREATEMULTI. My development was based on standard function module ECRM_ISU_CREATE_ACTIVITY.

However I'm getting another kind of document as shown in the picture below.

Could you please help me find what's getting wrong? Shoud I use another BAPI instead?

Thank you!


ir1.png (81.9 kB)
ir2.png (81.0 kB)
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    Sep 08, 2017 at 10:12 AM

    Hi Diego,

    actually an interaction record is getting created automatically if you

    • confirm an account
    • create any business transaction
    • Interact with E-mails or accept inbound phone calls.

    I am not sure what is the business scenario which requires the creation of the interaction record by help of a BaDi. Can you provide some more background information about that?

    If this an interaction record is not create in those scenarios in your system you either

    • have a implemented a BaDi which suppress the creation - this should not be done in general but only for those situations when it is required
    • You miss the global custom controllers in the RUNTIME framework profile assigned to your business role
    • There is some issue with your customizing.

    Here you can user report CRM_IC_CHECK_CUSTOMIZING to review your business role customizing.

    Why do you see the interaction log after creating the Irec with the BAPI:

    • In general there are specific docflow entries ( CRMCICANCH ) which marks a interaction record as interaction record . Only business transactions which have this docflow entries are later shown as interaction record and treated as interaction record.
    • To see check the docflow of an interaction record run report crm_order_read for corresponding CRM business transaction, then open the segament for ET_DOC_FLOW. For an interaction record, you would see a line with OBJTYPE_B = CRMCICANCH

    Best Regards,


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    • Hello Sigrid,

      "I am not sure what is the business scenario which requires the creation of the interaction record by help of a BaDi."

      >>> We need to do a mass upload of "interaction records" from a legacy system (non-SAP). When starting using the CRM IC our team would like to see the background interactions (history) of the confirmed account.

      For other options (confirm account, interact with phone call or email, etc) is working fine. The only issue is when creating it via BaDi.

      Last but no least, thank you for inform the report CRM_ORDER_READ and the attribute CRMCICANCH.

      When I run the report for a IR created via WEBUI, I can see the ET_DOC_FLOW with these attributes. However when it is created via BaDi I can't see them.

      So I've adjusted my code to populate the table ET_DOC_FLOW and now it is working pretty well.

      Thank you again!