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SAP C4C add a EC on WCView

Sep 07, 2017 at 09:18 AM


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I add a EC to WCView,but when I read data by using EC Eventhandler,

I get errors as follows

The errors seem to be the mistake of authority,but when I add this EC to TI Tab, I didn't get these errors.

(Attention Please:One EC->Add to TI Tab->No error and I can read data

The same EC->Add to WCView->I get errors as follows)

I should have done something wrong ,wish someone can give me some advices.

ec-wcview.png (31.8 kB)
ec-wcview1.png (95.5 kB)
ec-wcview2.png (83.6 kB)
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2 Answers

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Jerry Wang
Sep 14, 2017 at 03:32 AM

Hi Baoxiang,

As far as I know during our talk this RBAM issue is gone in your system, right? :)

Best regards,


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Hi Jerry,

Yeah,I have done it with your help

The solution for RBAM issue as my picture show(hope it can help someone else )

ecrbam.png (75.9 kB)
Horst Schaude
Sep 08, 2017 at 12:01 PM

Hello Baoxiang,

The TI is part of the AssignedObjects fro the EC, but the WCView isn't. See your second image.

Please add the WCView to the list of AssignedObjects.

. Horst

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Hello Horst,

I think you understand how to solve the problem,but I can not understand how to do as you say,can you give me some screenshot or detailed operation.

Thanks very much.

Look forward your reply


Hi Baoxiang,

As in your second screenshot, in the assigned objects pop up, click on + and add your WCView to the list.

Then you would not get an error.




Hi AbdulRasheed ,

I can't add WCView(A) to my second screenshot list ,my WCView(A)viewsubtype is "Application",is the meaning ->WCView(A) Properties->AssignObjects->Add WCView(A) to AssignObjects list ??

error.png (209.3 kB)

Hello Baoxiang,

I've asked some RBAM colleagues.
In contradiction to my first statement it is not possible to define a RBAM rule for an EC within an WCView. Therefore the error message from above can not be avoided.

In short: It is not possible to use an EC within an WCView.

. Horst