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[PO creation]: Tax code not updated properly in EKKN - MWSKZ

Sep 07, 2017 at 08:43 AM


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Dear Experts,

After creating a PO with ME21N, the tax code was updated in both EKPO & EKKN.

*Question 1 : What triggers EKKN's MWSKZ field to be updated or not when a PO is created ?

Then, the PO was modified and ONLY EKPO was updated. As a result, we have different tax code values in MWSKZ in EKPO and EKKN : therefore transactions like ME2K are not fed with the correct information (in the case of ME2K, the transaction uses EKKN values if some are found : since EKKN is not updated correctly when the PO is modified, the EKKN tax code isn't correct anymore).

*Question 2 : Is there a different rule for updating either EKPO or EKKN when modifying an existing PO?

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The problem seems somewhat similar in the following threads :

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Any ideas ?

Please let me know if I can give you more details. Thanks a lot!

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Mohsin Abbasi Sep 07, 2017 at 07:58 PM

Dear Axel,

After creating a PO with ME21N, the tax code was updated in both EKPO & EKKN?

No, i don't second your thought, As i have tested in my system, i have made PO with account assignment and without account assignment, it only update one table i.e. EKPO & update EKPO MWSKZ Field only.

EKKN is not update in either case in my system

Even ME2K report shows the correct tax code once the PO is made and then change the tax code.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi

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Dear Moshin,

Thank you for your feedback. I do agree that in many cases, EKKN MWSKZ is not updated through PO creation. However, there are some instances where it does happen. What I'm trying to determine is exactly what triggers the MWSKZ field to update in EKKN.

You can find below the two tables EKPO & EKKN with different tax code values.

EKPO & EKKN had the same values (tax code X0), then the PO was modified which updated EKPO with the new value : P2. However, EKKN was never updated, which causes wrong information to pop up in ME2K. I.e only X0 shows up.

ME2K tax code :

Is there any way to know what caused EKKN to be updated in the first place ? And is it possible to update it again through modification of the PO?

Thanks a lot,



can you elaborate this part: "then the PO was modified which updated"

What was modified? It should actually be shown in your change log, with a user name next to it.

did the user enter the value manually there? or did he change something else and this field got updated along with it?

What is the status of this PO. Is it just fresh and was changed directly after its creation or does it already have some partial good receipts, invoice receipts ... or is just old and was changed recently after some customizing had be changed?

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Dear Jürgen,

Thanks for the pointers : The only modification to the PO was a tax code change.

Our process for updating our tax codes is strictly manual, we don't have derivation strategies for updating our PO tax codes. My colleague also confirmed that she changed the tax code manually when modifying the PO.

The PO never got MIGOed or anything : it was simply created then modified. It was created on the 22.03 and then modified the same day. I'm pretty positive no customizing changes happened in that lapse of time.


I actually have no fundamental knowledge why there is an extra tax code at EKKN and how it can be changed there . (we rarely use tax in our POs , it is just entered in MIRO as our accountants know more about taxes than the buyers). I read through some notes yesterday and checked a bit coding today.

I can see that the tax code is copied from EKPO to EKKN in program P_START_PAI_BEGINI01

            IF wa_ekkn-mwskz IS INITIAL AND stkz = 'X'.
                wa_ekkn-mwskz = wa_ekpo-mwskz.

The stkz is probably corresponding to the country customizing in T005 table - field KZSRV which means tax at service level

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Dear Jürgen,

Thanks for the input. I checked the KZSRV field in the T005 table and it is empty for the country we use. Therefore I don't see how it can be marked as "X" in the P_START_PAI_BEGINI01 program.

Is there any way to know where the stkz field is used ? I checked in SE11 "stkz" as a data type but it doesn't exist as such.

Any ideas?