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Sep 06, 2017 at 04:03 PM

Delivery indicator manually set by user report.


Hello Gurus,

My client have a requirement that All the delivery comleted indicator that has been set for the PO's manually by user should come in a report. Manually means suppose the goods are 50 and we have recd. only 40 . Now we do not wants to buy other 10 so user will excess me22n or MEMASSPO and will close the PO by checking the delivery completed check box.

So now we have to track those PO with qty that is set as "Delivery completed " by any user with date , time , user id and the ty that are set to "delivery completed" manually , not by system using MIGO 101.

Any info will be of great help on the same as we don't have any transactional report (standard) over the same also i am not sure that from where and which table to track them .

Best Regards and Thanks in Advance.

Saurabh Trivedi