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Schedule & Start Condition for ChaRM Actions

Sep 06, 2017 at 10:24 AM


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Hi All,

In our ChaRM process, we want to inform users (e.g. Change Maneger oder Tester) that a CR or CD has reached a certain status and requires their action.

Example: Normal Change is ready to be tested -> email to the tester to inform him about this.

Now we ran into the problem, that some emails are sent out more than one time. (We have defined the action merging with "Max. 1 Unprocessed Action for Each Action Definition". - so please don't propose this as solution.)

I believe we have a messup in our conditions for the resp. actions.
We have defined the schedule condition for all status values, which are predecessors of those status values, when an email has to be sent.
And wehave defined the starting conditions as those values, when the email has to be sent.
Example for Normal Change: When the NC is set to "in development" after being created, we don't need an email. But when the status "in develeopment" is set after status "to be tested", we do want to send an email.

So schedule condition is UserStatus=E0004++MJHEAD and start condition is UserStatus=E0002++MJHEAD.

Is our understanding of schedule & start conditino correct? Is there some specific setting we did not customize?
Also, is there a good explanation of those conditions?

Any answer is appreciated.

Regards, Jan

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Raquel Pereira da Cunha
Sep 17, 2017 at 11:12 PM


Please check the blog below. It's related to ITSM but the concept can be used. You need to use parameter STATUS_CHANGE in the schedule condition to avoid the e-mail to be sent every time someone saves the document with the same status. Action should only be scheduled once, when new status is saved.

There is also an old solution that you may try, explained in this note: 1007346

Best regards,


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Thanks Raquel, this is a good hint.