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Integration of Lumira 2.0 and SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal

Sep 05, 2017 at 04:47 PM


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Hi guys,

since I`ve not really found much on how to integrate SAP Lumira 2.0 reports with SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal (version 7.3), I thought about asking for your experiences.

Have you already tried this?

I mean it should work via standard iview techniques like descriped in this SAP note

I am going to test different integration scenarios for different use cases.

Therefore, I am very happy to discuss and get to know your experiences.

Thank you + Best


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3 Answers

Santarshi Samanta
Sep 06, 2017 at 08:33 AM

Hi Marcus

Yes, you are following the correct Note for integrating Lumira in Portal.

Additionally I would suggest you to refer to the below link for version compatibility.

SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform Product Availability Matrix (PAM).


Santarshi Samanta

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Thank you!

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Former Member Dec 21, 2017 at 02:14 PM

Hello guys,

We have Lumira 2.0 reports published on our Enterprise Portal as described in the note Marcus referred to alongside our old WAD reports. We have published the Generic Analysis report as a template so that we do not have to create new Lumira documents for each BW query we want to publish; instead when we have a single query that we want to publish we only need to build an iView that references the Lumira template and passes the query name as a variable.

We are confused about a couple of things though. Our users rely heavily on bookmarks on their old WAD analysis reports but there appears to be no easy way to save bookmarks in Lumira in the My Reports folder of the Portal. I find it difficult to explain to users why they need to run the base Lumira report first and then open the bookmark from inside that report. It means extra steps and waiting for them which makes them not so enthusiastic about migrating. Also, we are having issues with the bookmarking feature in Lumira in our scenario when users share their bookmarks with each other by email; the receiver inevitably tries saving the bookmark in their own space but when he opens the base report the bookmark is not available (however it does show up when Lumira is opened from the bookmark link they were sent). I suspect this is caused by some inconsistency in how Lumira saves bookmarks when the application is opened from a bookmark. Does anyone have any suggestions or can you explain SAP's direction here?



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Former Member Apr 12 at 07:34 AM

Hi ,

We are trying to call a Lumira document from EP using an iView and I have followed the steps given in the note above. But, there seems to be an issue and the document is never opened and shows an endless processing loop. One thing I've noticed is that when I check for the Opendoc link for the lumira document, it shows nothing, like below:

We've recently upgraded to BO 4.2, so I'm not sure if this is one of the post upgrade issues.

Any ideas?


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Former Member

Hi Mohammed,

have you already fixed it?

I have also struggled a little at this stage. I am using the business viewer template and have integrated the Lumira report not via open document link but via CUID.

In some browsers it is possible to open the folder structure of the BO server (CMC) from the Iview creation screen in the portal. It only worked properly with Internet Explorer and a little bit with Chrome, but not with Firefox at my example use case. But this could be very specific.

Concerning open document:

I am not sure, if you are chosing the right link?

I`d warmly propose to have a close look at the official documentation:

The standard link for calling a document should somehow look like the following: http://<servername>:<port>/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=Aa6GrrM79cRAmaOSMGoadKI&sIDType=CUID

I have done some projects with Open Document and know, that the links need to be put together very carefully. Otherwise you`ll receive an error.

Hope that helps.

Best + Good luck,


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Former Member

Thanks Marcus for your inputs. Turns out something needed to be done by Basis after the upgradation. They said "Problem was solved after upgrading the BO iViews version"