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Former Member
Sep 25, 2007 at 03:16 PM

MSA 4.0 SP8 : "Read-Only" Tile ? (cannot modify data)



In the Campaign Status tile set (MSACAMcamStatus), I have modified the Campaign tile (camcshort2a) to add a combo engine representing the Campaign Status Profile (BOCAMPAIGN property is 'Stsma')

I made it the same as the Status Profile combo engine in the Campaign Details (camclarge4).

The reason for this change is that it can be changed on the Marketing/Status menu instead of the Marketing/Details menu (which would force the user to go back to Details to set the status, then go to Status to continue)

The problem is that all the controls in the tile stay ReadOnly, I have tried several ways which did not work :

- when adding the control, I set its 'Mode' property to Normal : it is ReadOnly at runtime

- when trying to force a Normal mode in the onLoad tile event, the property doesn't change (ctrlStatusProfile.editmode = cemNormal is not applied, I get no error but the value stays at cemReadOnly)

- in the tile set MSACAMcamStatus I set the tile 'Editable' property to True, but didn't see any change

- I thought about the BO Attribute being locked, it is not (even with adding "Stsma", blAttributeNormal

, while it is already normal).

Can you help please ?

Thanks and Regards,