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SAP C4C - Service request - How to add custom action ?

Oct 12, 2016 at 07:07 AM


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Dear experts,

I am new to cloud development and I have a Simple requirement - I want to add a custom action say 'Set to Complete' on Ticket object which will set the ticket status to complete.

I know we can add custom action on std. TI. My problem is I am not able to use Enhance Screen as explained below :

in SDK, I created XBO for Service Request , however, when I right click on XBO and click Enhance Screen, I do not get any floorplan to select.

I do not want to add any field etc. so I did not write any code to add element under common node - like how its shown in the how to videos explaining extending the std. BO.

Is it that I must add a field to enhance the screen ? Can I not just enhance the screen to add a button or action w/o adding any custom field as such ?

Thank you in anticipation.



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Horst Schaude
Oct 12, 2016 at 07:30 AM

Hello Suchita,

You need at least one Extension Field and an active XBO to get the list of UIs which can be enhanced.
Because (except from the action extension, which is a new feature) how to you want to extend an UI w/o extension fields?



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Thanks Horst.

After adding a dummy element, i can now access the ticket (Service Request) TI.

I selected the button group and used 'Add Custom Action' under operations . I used custom action as 'Complete' using selection on the field, named button as Resolved.

I can see the Resolved button in screen preview however I am unable to see it when I test on tenant using business user login.

Can you please help me understand what I am missing ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards


Horst Schaude
Oct 12, 2016 at 11:02 AM

Hello Suchita,

Maybe stupid quesion: Did you activate the the XUI?


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Yes - I Did.

Seen it in Preview , then save and activate in UI designer. Also did save & activate on xbo.

Below are the steps I did -

1) Rightclick my xbo ->enhance screen ->selected COD_SR_TI

2) selected button group using extensibility explorer and and used Add custom action under operations

3) added details for custom action mapped to 'Complete' (selected using value help )

4) Save and activate UI. Now I can see the button in XUI

5) saved and activate the xbo

6) Login to the tenant as administrator and open a ticket -> I dont see the button !!

Am I missing something ?

step1.jpg (181.7 kB)
step2.jpg (66.3 kB)

Hello Suchita,

The sequence XBO -> XUI should be obeyed

  1. Develop in the XBO
  2. Activate the XBO
  3. Develop in the XUI
  4. Maybe you need to call "Update Meta Data"
  5. Activate the XUI

If you re-activate the XBO the XUI knows the meta data of the XBO has changed and that may lead to the observed behaviour. :-(



Hi Suchita,

Delete the browser cache and relogin,
Also if you are using silverlight UI, then you can clean Silverlight cache.

Search Silverlight in run (window program search)-> goto Application Storage tab and select your tenant and Delete.

Thanks, Pradeep.