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How do you script a customized check in / merge of LDM models

Sep 04, 2017 at 02:14 PM


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Hello everyone,

our client would like to have a customized check in dialogue for logical data models.

We are currently working on a development branch on one logical data model, in which several topics (using entities, attributes and relationships) for different releases are designed.

Right now we manually integrate all changes that belong to one distinct topic manually from the development branch LDM into the release branch LDM.

Is there any way to automatically merge only those changes flagged with a certain tag (e.g. an Extended Attribute) into another model? Is there a way to script this?

Thanks a lot,


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2 Answers

George McGeachie Sep 05, 2017 at 12:34 PM

I haven't given the actual code any thought, but logically you'd need to build an object selection (using your extended attribute) which you'd use to select the changes to apply during the merge.

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Hi George,

this is topic very interesting for me too. I examined metamodel and all the merge functions available there don`t allow using object selection for merging only demanded subset of objects. You are allowed only to influence mass criteria like all object creations or all object modifications to be performed during automated merge, but no particular objects selection. Maybe I am missing something but this would be quite important breakthrough for more customers.

I only found MergeInto function, which should allow merging object by object, but I am not sure, how it would deal with more complex situations like merging a table which has references to other tables, etc. Have you made anything in this field so far?


Sorry, I've never looked into scripting this patrt of PD

Hans Tuin
Sep 14, 2017 at 01:01 PM

please look in the help-> Metamodel Objects Help for the PdRMG objects. there is some example code as well.

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I had a quick look at the help file, and didn't see anything that would help answer this specific question