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Sep 25, 2007 at 06:03 AM

group and country specific acc in operating coa



the same chart of account is shared among countries in the same region. there are 3 kind of gl account, example for sales account : 50000000-51999999, I50000000-I51999999 and L50000000-L51999999. they in the same coa but different acc group.

also no assignment done in ob13 and ob62.

i will assume I for group and L for local but both of them not in group coa and country specific coa but in the operating coa.

1) may i know what is the difference for this as compared to account sitting in individual coa (group and country specific)

2) what benefit of this kind of coa design as compared to different coa ( group and country specific)

3) as all are sitting in operating coa, if i want to post to, say, L50001000, if different coa, then i will post to 50001000 then in the assignment will have the corresponding L50001000 account. this L50001000 will be posted automatically.

but now all are sitting in the same coa, does it mean we need to define in the transaction explicitly when doing the posting?