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Does the SAVE event can be enhanced or backend ABSL can trigger event at the front UI?

Hi experts,

I m facing a problem that confused me for several days.i really hope that someone can give me some suggestions.

I have embedded a component named EC_CompetitorDistributorInfo in standard BO Competitor and created customer BO named BO_CompetitorDistributorInfo.

There are 3 buttons in the EC_CompetitorDistributorInfo,and one of them named New Distributor is used to call standard QC:COD_Account_QC.

In order to save new account data in customer BO BO_CompetitorDistributorInfo,I create a business object extension named XBO_Account.

Until now everything runs well.But the point is I can not auto-refresh saved data on customer EC unless i click on Refresh button which is created for manually refresh.

The requirement is auto-refresh saved data on custom EC after new account is created.

Does the SAVE event of standard QC can be enhanced? or does backend ABSL can trigger event at the front UI?



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    Sep 06, 2017 at 06:51 AM

    Hi Kevin,

    the option you are after is called broadcast event.

    What I have done in similar scenario. I have created an inport which listens on local event. Under Inport properties there is an section "Navigation" with property, where you need to provide an event which Account QC broadcasted, and of course in OnFireEvent add handler which refreshes the list.

    Local event name which is broadcasted, you can find in relevant QC's outport settings. For example for Account you need check "NotifyChange" outport where local event is called "AccountCreated".



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