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S_ALR_87013611 is showing difference.

Sep 02, 2017 at 03:50 PM


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I have executed the below month end closing related t-codes, but when i run the report S_ALR_87013611 to view that if all cost absorbed or not, it shows the 4.17 million differnce which is exact amount appearing against other overheads. Can anyone advise why these overheads not absorbed.








s-alr-87013611.jpg (56.7 kB)
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3 Answers

Holger Homann Sep 03, 2017 at 05:42 PM

Do you have a circular reference between orders and cost centers (e. g. cost center -> assessment -> order -> settlement -> cost center)?

Did you check your cycles? Are the affected cost elements part of the sender structure of your cycles? If you're using source structures you should check these too if they include the cost elements.

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I have checked the cycle, it has cost centers in senders and receivers, not cost elements. How can i check that affaected cost element is the part of sender structure.


If you have the same cost center in senders as in receivers

then you must assure that the iteration flag is activated in cycle. This will cause that the cycle runs as long as all cost centers needed to be completely settled.

round 01->plant maintenance 1000->personnell department 5000->plant maintenance
->personnel department 15000->other cost centesr
plant maintenacne 9000->other Cost Centers

round 02->plant maintenance 500->personnell department 125->plant maintenance
->personnel department 375->other cost centesr
plant maintenacne 4500->other Cost Centers



No both senders and receivers has different cost centers.


hmm ... could you add some screenshots about the cycle .. Header and segmentinformations. If you're working with cost center groups pls add the groups too

u74it.png (20.4 kB)
1o1oy.png (32.6 kB)
kjjvx.png (20.9 kB)
2wusp.png (14.4 kB)

when i execute KSU3, and enter the cycle it shows "the cycle specified uses another allocation method.

But when i execute KSV3 with the overhead cycle it shows below data.


ksu3.jpg (27.4 kB)
ksv3-1.jpg (34.7 kB)
ksv3-2.jpg (52.5 kB)
ksv3-3.jpg (56.5 kB)
ksv3-4.jpg (43.6 kB)
ksv3-5.jpg (47.7 kB)
ksv3-6.jpg (52.2 kB)
Holger Homann Sep 04, 2017 at 07:50 AM

ok sry for confusing you with the screenshots of an assessment cycle ... Distribution only works with Primary costs.

You need an additional assessment cycle to clear the cost center completely

n8sc1.png (64.7 kB)
rlzxr.png (64.7 kB)
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Why i need the additional assessment cycle, however last month overheads were completely absorbed.

01.jpg (153.2 kB)


are there only primary costs posted on the cost centers? If not the Distribution cycle is not able to clear the cost center because it can only handle Primary costs.

What category have your not distributed cost elements?

Is O-OHV a cost element, an activity type or both?





O-OVH is cost element and also a activity type.

o-ovh.jpg (75.1 kB)
o-ovh-2.jpg (52.0 kB)
o-ovh.jpg (75.1 kB)
o-ovh-2.jpg (52.0 kB)
Holger Homann Sep 04, 2017 at 10:01 AM

ok perfect ... as you can the O-OVH is not a Primary cost element (CAT 43 not 01). If you have debits with this cost element (or similar) on your cost centers they won't be processed by the Distribution because this function only works with Primary cost elements (CAT 01).

I believe you that it may works last month but I think all debits last month were posted on Primary cost elements nevertheless In the overall first Screen you added you can see that you have debits with O-OHV in the actual month.

So if you would only start the Analysis with Primary cost elements the Balance should be Zero in best case.

"Cost Center Totals on secondary cost elements (CAT <> 01) can not be processed by the Distribution, you have to use the assessments additionally"

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