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Workflow Dump in MDG. BackGround Task's Container Element for Business Object Instance is initial.

Sep 01, 2017 at 10:59 PM


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Hi All, need your help.

Standard Task TS72100014 in MDG wf,dumps. This task updates timestamp of last decision. Task Method CL_USMD_WF_SSW->SET_CHANGED_BY_AT.

Example: 2 subworkflows are triggered, i.e. 2 decisions are to be made. 1st decision is made, task updates timestamp & 1st subworflow completes.

2nd decision is made & this task fails to update timestamp and dumps.

2nd decision is made by the same agent. Same agent is at 2 PPOME postions.

So temporary wf error is set and is resolved by SWWERRE and all goes fine when there is no dump.

But when it fails task container element for business object instance is initial n temporary error is not in screenshots.

Dump occurs in IS_OBJECT_DELETE_ALLOWED in CL_CRM_GENERIC_IL_NEW .. but I dont have any entities to be deleted when Approving.

So why the Bol Entities are deleted and why this check is made ?

Awaiting inputs. Any help is highly appreciated and awaited, thanks in advance.

dump.png (43.0 kB)
step-history.png (53.7 kB)
swi1.png (57.2 kB)
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Adding the tag -SAP Master Data Governance- would help in getting answer

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Kavita S.

Thank you Kavita.

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1 Answer

Markus Ganser
Sep 04, 2017 at 10:58 AM

I'd recommend you create an official customer ticket for this issue.



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