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Former Member
Sep 01, 2017 at 02:25 PM

ResponseOnewayBean issue in HTTP Receiver Adapter


Hi Guys,

Can somebody please help me with this Thread is not associated with any transaction context issue.

I am working on Async-sync (Proxy --> HTTP) Scenario and everything is working fine and I am getting the response and writing it to fine but ResponseOnewayBean is going in Waiting state and keep retrying and generating the files even though the first message has processed successfully.

I have found couple of threads regarding the same issue but there is no solution/work around mentioned for it so can someone please suggest the solution for this problem.


Proxy --> PO --> HTTP (RequestResponseBean & ResponseOnewayBean)

HTTP --> PO --> FTP


Transmitting the message to endpoint using connection SOAP_http://, due to: (Failed in component: tc~bl~txmanager~plb, BC-JAS-TRH) Thread is not associated with any transaction context.