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Sep 01, 2017 at 01:23 PM

use of 2 variables on same infoObject - ignored in BO


in a bex query, I have a variable fill by Authorizations (not input) under the 'Characteristic Restrictions' section on infoObject 0COMP_CODE.

On the same infoObject 0COMP_CODE I have another variable in section 'Default values' in order for the user to choose among company codes.

This works fine: Authorizations are controlled, while the user also has the option to choose a specific company code.

Now I need to make a bex query meant for BO, Analysis for Office, and the default value is ignored. The user is no longer having the possibility to choose a certain company code before executing the report.

I cannot just move the variable from 'Default values' to 'Characteristic Restrictions' as the authorization variable does not allow any further selections.

Can anyone help?