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work flow not triggering while posting parking document. FV50

Sep 01, 2017 at 09:08 AM


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I have basic knowledge on workflow,
My requirement is that, Once post the FV50, parking document, Workflow has to trigger.
now this message has to go to next person, and that person has to post the document using business workplace(sbwp).

Now my functional consultant has did basic workflow setting at IMG .We are using
Standard workflow WS10000051 and Subworkflow is WS10000052

Now if i post the FV50. document is able to post and Workflow tab is enabled.
And i checked in tcode: SWEL the standard workflow is triggering, But Sub workflow is
Not triggering.

One error is coming While starting the Sub workflow.

If i see the error causes, It is showing error at one step.

I checked in workflow for this step. It is having two fields are transferring at binding.

Here, SPAN Field is Empty, I checked the values in log fields, subnr is empty.

One more error is No agent ready.

Is this is the error.
I was define the users list is at function exit EXIT_SAPLF040_001
under include INCLUDE ZXF09U01. Like below
break rem-sap.


Even i enable the break point while posting FV50. This is not triggering.Can any body help me how could i solve the issue.Need valuable suggestions.

subworkflow.png (30.9 kB)
det-steperror.png (70.3 kB)
binding-fields.png (90.8 kB)
no-agents.png (66.8 kB)
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Any help appreciated

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3 Answers

Mike Pokraka Sep 01, 2017 at 11:24 AM

Please look at the work item in error to see what the error message is. Double-click, and click on the message button. Or use the non-graphical log.

The 'No agent' bit is not an error, that's why it isn't red. It is a wait step, the system waits for anyone to change the document.

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Thanks for your reply.
My biggest problem is i am not able to assign agents to the sub workflow.

I am fallowing below documents here they said, we need to write in function module for filling agents table. So it will assign to the work flow.

But i did the same thing.Have a look on below image not able to get the agents.

Any help. Please inform me.

no-agents.png (137.3 kB)
noagents.png (17.9 kB)
noagents.png (17.9 kB)
noagents.png (28.7 kB)

You're not responding to my suggestion. What is the error message?

Your example workflow hasn't reached that step yet. But nevertheless it also shows another problem: You also need to assign possible agents to each dialog task, can be done in customising or by clicking on the yellow icon next to the bit you hilighted.

I suggest you start with a simple standard solution and just get that working first. Then you can go and implement user exits and custom enhancements from blogs.

Standard parked document WF config: link (admittedly a bit sparse)

General WF application config: link


First time i shown some error message now the problem was solved. Every thing is fine But Agents i am not getting.
I changed the ac rule to us user at Task. But still user is not able to assign.

Am i correct, Still agent is not able to assign, How could i assign the agent. Need suggestions.I am sure No error in the Graphical images. How could i solve it now.

noerror.png (35.3 kB)
us-user.png (39.8 kB)

You're not making it easy for people to help you because you're not responding to answers, jumping around and confusing matters.

The title that says your workflow is not triggering. In the question you write that it is triggering, but it has an error. When I ask (twice) about the error message, you finally say that was resolved.

I also explained to you how to assign possible agents in my last answer: Click on the yellow icon. This configures who is allowed to receive a task.


The image like


Very sorry, Actually the workflow no has to assign to one place in the IMG config, Bcz of that reason it was came.
After error came again he checked it. so Now error is not coming, But I am not able to Get the agents. this is the problem.

Under the sub workflow not getting the agents.Now the problem is agents only.I was assigned the agents at.
Agents assignment for task. But still no useful.


In the possible agent assignment there is a generate button, please make sure to use that to update HR buffers. Also transaction SWU_OBUF does the same across the system..


Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I was assigned a user ,this user is going to execute at business work place. Under the Task i was assigned it.One ball symbol is there or generate button i was checked it. I am showing the user in display mode.

Now under the task Agent assignment color is showing as Green color.

Now i was posted one park document, then Work flow low i am seeing at swia. If i see the Agents it is showing no agents

now you can able to see my log of the workflow also

If i click on the each task it is display like below. But it is not displaying at Business work place.

this is my configuration, I hope there is nothing wrong in it.

Any information please update me.

ther1.png (18.7 kB)
ther2.png (52.8 kB)
ther3.png (29.4 kB)
ther5.png (29.6 kB)
ther41.jpg (480.5 kB)
config.png (38.1 kB)

OK try putting the same user directly in as the recipient (instead of the rule), as you did a couple of steps earlier.

If it works then your rule is probably returning a different agent.


hi. sir thanks for your reply .as i understood i need assign a user , in activity under the task, in place of ac rule i need assign the user : user id means those who want to get.

if yes that is already done.nothing change.any other suggestions


Hi, Sir,

In place of Acrule i was Assigned User too. But Still Not working.

Any suggestions

assign-user.jpg (284.6 kB)
Anjan Paul Sep 04, 2017 at 07:03 AM


Please share the screenshots of technical log with errors .


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Hi, Thanks for your reply. Previously i got the error. Now error is not coming, Actually i need to enter the work flow in the Img config. Bcz of that reason i got the error.

My main problem, is. Once Work flow is started and sub workflow is also Starting. Agents are not passing.It is saying no agents.

You can see the below images.

Need Suggestions.

tdoay1.jpg (430.1 kB)
today2.jpg (235.9 kB)
today3.png (98.8 kB)
Mike Pokraka Sep 04, 2017 at 08:12 AM

Ok, forget your custom scenario for now, can you go to SWU3 and execute the test WF and see if that arrives in the inbox.

If that works, then make your task a general task, and look at the agents after starting a new WF. Also run tx SWU_OBUF after every organisational change before testing with a new WF.

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