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Why do i get Schema differences in excel exports from WEBI

Sep 04, 2017 at 12:20 PM


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HI there,

I have 14 webi files that are setup identically in a schedule. However what is happening is occasionally some (about 2-3) change their Schema or have a different Schema from the rest of the files. THis prevents my ETL tool from joining/ unioning them. resulting in the file being skipped. How do i permanantly make sure that the schemas are always the same when exporting to excel?? Please help, everything appears the same in the file and it occurs randomly.

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can you please explain in detail what do you mean by schema change?

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When trying to pick up the 14 files via (Alteryx ETL tool) it is picking up 12 of the 14, the message for error reads, these files were skipped as the schema does not match the first file in the process. Some weeks the file will run fine with exactly the same process, some weeks it is exporting with different Schema even though nothing has changed. trying to work out why. And then apply a fix.

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