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Aug 31, 2017 at 04:53 PM

Batch and Storage location not determined while posting Movement type -103 in MIGO


Hi Experts,

i have already came across this process during my earlier assignment.

Batch and Storage location not determined while posting Movement type -103 in MIGO and reported in MB51 it is not showing.(Batch & SLoc Details).

But user is more demanding they need batch and Sloc for 103 Mvmt type in MIGO. I told them it is not possible.

Movement type 103/ 105 are storage location independent as the stock is not posted to Company own stock and the even (not in our case, in general in std SAP )system does not create an inspection lot automatically when you post Movement type 103.

Whenever we will execute the GR using movement type 103 ( GR Block Stock) , Material will be posted at plant level ( GR Block Stock) i.e. unless or until inspection for material will not take place , you will not post the material to Stock ( Storage location).

we use 105 to release material from GR Block stock to Un-Restricted/quality/block valuated stock.

so GR with 103 will not be posted any Storage location.

so here user requirement cannot be fulfill using standard configuration......

Actually i have gone through SCN postings and found below solutions.

if user still says they need 103 at their end , we are using 103 for MIGO data entry by user and 105 for MIGO approval .users are the right person who are enter correct storage location to which material should go. Therefore looking for a way thru which warehouse user can enter storage location at the time of 103 only.

Since approvers or purchaser are not very sure about the correct storage location to which material should move therefore storage location at PO level or 105 level will not help me.


If this is for kind of approval process, then can we try using movement type 101 for GR? In this case, we need to provide authorization for the sloc users to only HOLD the document. Then, the approvers will go, see the held document and in case if they want to approve then they just need to POST the document.

My Question is - this requirement is standard configuration functionality(achieved through OMJJ/OMJC) or it is customized one. can we do ovveride of the standard fucntionality..or any BADI to make batch and sloc to get it in use while posting 103 in MIGO.

Please advise.

Thanking you.