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Outbound Delivery should not be created before confirmation of production order.

I have very confusing Delivery creation issue.

User has raised one issue " The delivery should not be created for a sales order until the production order related to the sales order is confirmed(CNF status). Now the delivery is happening after release of production order."

I followed below steps for testing.

1. I created one sales order. As the material has strategy 82, it showed me the production order for the line item in schedule line tab.

2. I saved the order. The order has confirmed quantity in it. I tried to create the delivery, but it did not allow me with an error message " Zero quantity is available for material". I looked in MMBE for the stock of material. There was no stock so i could not create it( I assume so)

3. Then I opened the Production Order. it was in CRTD status, I released the production order. Now the production order is in REL status. Then I try to create the delivery for the sales order, I am able to create the delivery(Which is not correct, it should not happen until prod. order confirmation)

4. I checked with my ABAP team, for REL status the delivery creation is allowed so system is creating the delivery.

5. I went to T code BS22 and changed the delivery creation to "forbidden" for REL status.

6. I performed the sales cycle again. After the release of production order, it showed me error while creating the delivery. However after the confirmation(CNF status) of Production order too, I faced the same issue with error "Create delivery" not allowed (Sys. status REL, object VB1001058300000010)".

Can anyone please help me with any solution, how can I resolve this issue? Please let me know if more info is needed.

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2 Answers

  • Aug 31, 2017 at 09:15 PM

    Why is the delivery creation an issue exactly? We are using the standard process as you describe but it never came up as an issue. We create the deliveries manually. Until PGI (which can't be done without picking) nothing further will happen with the delivery, so even if it's created and is sitting there - what's the harm?

    I guess you could slap some ABAP on it but I'm not sure what business problem this would solve. Might want to ask for more information on the requirement. "Because a user thinks so" doesn't seem like a valid enough reason.

    As much as I know about statuses (others with more expertise might chime in on this), your plan would not work IMHO because you have REL status when CNF is applied, so unless you remove REL it won't allow you to create a delivery. The logic there is not very complex. I believe it literally goes through statuses and checks what's allowed or not. So it sees "REL" , finds that you disallowed delivery for it and bam, error message.

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    • I'd investigate "this was not happening earlier" part first. But still, as stated, I don't understand why is this a problem at all. Doing any ABAP work for this would be "fixing what ain't broken" IMHO.

      Try to get more information from the users or whoever has more experience with this system. I suspect there is more to it.

  • Sep 01, 2017 at 09:57 PM

    Check in OVZ9 for availability check and checking rule (example 02 and B (for delivery)), does it contain "F -Only take released production orders into account" for Include production orders into account field?

    If yes put "do not take into account" as you don't want to consider produciton orders but want to consider only stock. Cross check rest of the settings also for availability check control.

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    • Can you share screen shot of MRP3 for the material for availability check field (I hope correct availability check is assigned)? Also one screen shot from OVZ9 for that availability check with checking rule B.

      Considering that all is correct try to create a new sales order, followed by production order creation and then delivery followed by production release and then delivery (though provide screen shots as mentioned).