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Sep 22, 2007 at 10:43 AM

Externally processed operation


Hi all,

My client sends the material at some other location for processing whenever ther is breakdown. But since the operation on which subcontracting is to be done, is not fixed, I am giving the control through Control key.

Can anyone please tell what the exact process of subcontracting opeartions is?

I cannot create any WIP material codes. There are only 2 material codes involved -- 1 for raw material and 1 for FG.

For example,

Finished Good is: A

Raw Material is: B

There are 5 operations in the routing. 3 operations are carried out in-house. Suddenly it is known that due to power failure, 4th operation will have to subcontracted. So, i change the control key of the operation.

After this, what should i do? Kindly tell in detail.