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Sep 06, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Web Intelligence - Optimize report for printing not possible



one of my customer is using a Web Intelligence Report which I built several weeks ago. Now they want to print the report and also create PDF File.

The problem is that the output is pretty confusing, headers and tables gets split and there are also a lot of blank pages between the sites.

I tried to optimize the report and used the "Page View" to see which content gets printend and how it fits to each site. I moved all the tables and columns (which is really time consuming by the way) but the result is still bad.

I am not able to get rid of the blank pages.

When I optimize the first page/tab (which gets split on 3 pages when printing) I am missing a chart on the following page. I fixed that with the result that the first page got destroyed and now showing the whole content on one page (too small to read when printing).

Is there an easy way to optimize the Web I report for printing? How to get rid of the blank pages and how to avoid that already formatted pages loose their layout when changing another page?

Thanks in advance.

Br, Mario