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Sep 22, 2007 at 12:04 AM

Beginning migration to Linux (Tips and Advices)



We have a Migration Project, and we are looking for information that can be useful to mígrate some of our SAP Clients to other Operating System. Actually, all of our clients are housed in Solaris, but we would like to migrate to some version of Linux.

First of all, we have these questions

- In the experience of the reader ¿which version of Linux do you recommend to implement SAP on it?

- ¿What would be the considerations or recommendations to follow, to successfully migrate from Solaris to Linux? (Any comments about this wide process, will be appreciated).

- ¿Is it possible to have, in the same landscape, some clients being on Solaris and another clients on Linux?

- If someone have links or documentation about these subject.

- And any other usefull comment about the experience of Linux of SAP, will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.