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Sep 21, 2007 at 11:05 PM

some points on coa



Few points to clarify.

1) when a company has operating coa, local gaap coa and group coa then it is saying this company is using parallel accounting?

2) operating coa is also called leading ledger?

3) local gaap and group coa is called non leading ledger?

4) "Defining non leading ledger is optional for which u can assign depending upon the requirement different currency and fiscal year variant."

where to do the configuration?

5) "When u are posting to the company code, system will post for all ledgers assigned to the company code. (leading and non leading)"

Where to see this happens? Where the configuration?

6)"If u want to make posting only to a particular ledger for gaap requirement u can make posting only to that ledger either leading or non leading ledger"

Where to do the configuration?