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Sep 21, 2007 at 05:42 PM



Hi, I am using this FM FREE_SELECTIONS_DIALOG along with FREE_SELECTIONS_INIT to create dynamic sel.screen. It works fine !

now i have 2 reqts:

1. Once the screen is genereated it uses adefault PF status of prog. RSSYSTDB. The reason I want to change the PF status is the two options in program ( execute in background, execute and print ) are disabled. there are other pF status in this prog.. but hwen i ma trying to use them they are also disabled.

I also tried passing my own PF status to the FREE_SELECTIONS_DIALOG, but the control does not come back. and you cannot trigger an user command based functioanlity...

Any workaround >

2. Also I need to save in the variants . is is possible to do so, Again the Varaint functionality exists if i use the PF status %_VC but it tkaes you to the screen of mantaining the variant attibutes and you are not able to save the varaint as the name of the variant field is disabled and hence it does now work.

Any help in these two regards would be highly appreciated.