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In SAP PI, Is there a way to log error incident details and mail it to a concerned person ?

Sep 05, 2017 at 01:25 PM


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I am trying to automate the SAP PI error monitoring.It will be good if we can log the error details which we see in PI in a file and mail it to a concerned person who is doing the system monitoring.

Basically I am trying to create a system where monitoring person does not have to go to the system again and again, instead as soon as the error comes he gets a mail and according to the priority he/she takes action.

According to my knowledge I know this can be achieved using SAP SOLMAN and SAP Basis. But i don't have in depth knowledge of these SAP Modules. So Please help me out with this...

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1 Answer

Manoj K Sep 05, 2017 at 01:35 PM

Hi Dariya,

This can be done by setting up alert mechanism in your PI/PO system refer this blog.



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Hi Manoj,

Thanks for your answer.

This solution only solves the problem of mailing the incident details to a person. But i also have to log these incidents in a file (word or excel). So is there a way to log these incident in a file ?


Hi Dhairya,

When you say log it means you wanted to have record of this issue or who else is working on much effort he took to fix it etc...

from process point of view, monitoring via solman is not just to know that there is an issue but to fix them too. hence, you need to implement incident management as well to address these issues.

  1. so whenever there is an issue in your PI system then automatically an alert is generated in solman which copies all the details automatically to incident within solman ITSM ....later on closing incident system automatically closes the alert as well.
  2. further you can also setup routing based upon the type of ticket to dedicated team which will centrally work in solman only ..if required they can also jump from solman alert to relevant PI system etc.
  3. next email can be generated out of incident on whatever status you want.

hence I would encourage to implement the full end to end process on Solman then only you will be able to achieve your requirement.

hope this clarifies




Thanks Prakhar,

This seems good. I will try this.