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BPC EPM Addin Report Connection Issue when using a report from a different Model

Sep 05, 2017 at 12:39 PM


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We have cloned an environment and have tried connecting a report from the old environment to the new environment. We have followed all recommended guidance eg ticking Do not store environment on old report saving to dekstop. Then closing the old environment opening the new environment/epm add in excel and opening the report from desktop reconnecting to new environment and re-mapping dimensions. But the report is still trying to connect to the old dimension. We have unhidden all areas on report and changed any reference to the old dimension. Error message is: -

2017-09-05 10:26:30,785|ERROR|OlapUtilities|FPMXLClient.OlapUtilities.OlapApplication.GetDimensionInfo|XTHOMPSONL|||||1|U6#
2017-09-05 10:26:30,847|ERROR|OlapUtilities|FPMXLClient.OlapUtilities.OlapApplication.GetDimensionInfo|XTHOMPSONL|||||1|U5#
2017-09-05 10:26:30,847|ERROR|OlapUtilities|FPMXLClient.OlapUtilities.OlapApplication.GetDimensionInfo|XTHOMPSONL|||||1|U7#
2017-09-05 10:26:30,847|ERROR|OlapUtilities|?.?|XTHOMPSONL|||||1|Dimension SCC_GRADE was no longer found after deserialization.#
2017-09-05 10:26:30,863|ERROR|AnalyzerOne|FPMXLClient.AddIn.RefreshSheetWithScan|XTHOMPSONL|||||1|Invalid Dimension :SCC_GRADE#
2017-09-05 10:26:30,925|ERROR|Automation|FPMXLClient.EPMAddInAutomation.RefreshActiveSheet|XTHOMPSONL|||||1|Invalid Dimension :SCC_GRADE#


If anyone has any ideas how to fix this or point us in the right direction That would be fantastic. Many Thanks

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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Sep 05, 2017 at 01:07 PM

Sorry, but it's impossible to help you without detailed analysis of the report!

Looks like you not only cloned the environment but also changed the model dimensions? Then it's not possible to use the report with this model!

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