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enhancement in vf01

I want to fix some billing types in vf01 based on sales organization mantained in sales order.Please suggest me appropriate solutions.Whether i should use user exit or badi and if user exit then which user exit and vice versa.

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  • Let me try rephrasing - you wish to determine a different billing type for order-related billing based on order type and sales organization.

    In many cases restricting the usage to VF01 will not suffice, since there are additional transactions, like VF04 and background jobs, where you will need the same logic as in VF01.

    Forgive me for asking, but is it really necessary to have different billing types for the same order type per sales organization? Apart from localizations, this is rarely needed.

  • I need this because i have defined different number range for different billing type based on comany code.

  • The logic for this requiremt is:

    If sales order type = A


    If Sales org = 1,then billing Doc type= B1 .

    If sales order type = A


    If sales org = 2,then billing Doc type = B2

    and so on.

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