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Sep 21, 2007 at 11:43 AM

hello: Gali Kling Schneider & Yathish k


hello Kling and Yathish k

as prashant and sivanarayana already mention about Manoj Mahajan Vs nisha sharma & vudumula srinivas

only from these 2, Manoj Mahajan got more than 200 points, and iam suspecting about other points too

Yathish told that points will be removed, but it was been observed that still he is carrying the same points

YATHISH If you encourage these kind of people to continue, every one will loose their interest in this forumn

and we will loose the contibuters who are really verymuch intrested to help others

So to avoid you should block all the above 3 users

so that it will be a lesson to others no to do this kind of things

Guys please dont waste your valuable time for just doing this

please try to help others who are really need your help

and it is our responciability to maintain our fourmn in good manner

I hope I made my point very clear -- please block these kind of users

thanks and regards