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Sep 21, 2007 at 10:47 AM

very very urgent plz help. error in the uploaded data through BDC.


Dear all,

One of our client is facing a very serious problem,they upload the customer invoice through BDC.

Data was uploaded successfully.

issue is after uploading the data when they checked the line items in the customer account it showing erorr because if their template is like


account posting key amount

abc 01 1000

xyz 01 2000

cde 01 3000

sales 50 6000

when they uploading data system reads from second line item.

for e.g. ..... abc 01 2000 and again

abc 01 1000

xyz 01 3000

sales 50 6000

Their data was uploaded like this the whole data which was uploaded is showing wrong amount in customer accounts

now the problem is our clint don't want to reverse the entry, they are looking other way to work out this issue.

so dear friends plz help me to resolve this issue.

it possible to overwrite the data by back end.

or any other solution for this because they don't want to change document now.hich was posted .

Thanks in Advance