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Sep 21, 2007 at 09:54 AM

SE14 and DDSTORAGE for BW partitioned indexes


We have a cube whose underlying table is /BIC/ZBACKAGG.

It has 5 indexes.

The cube is used to backup APO Demand Planning data.

Every time the DP backup runs, the indexes are deleted.

So I goto SE14 and recreate them.

The next day ther are gone again!

They do not appear in DDSTORAGE.

If I use SE14 to recreate their definition (without actually creating the indexes) they appear in DDSTORAGE.

As soon as I actually create them they disappear.

This has only started happening since we migrated to another OS, and only happens with this table/cube.

Our Production system, which hasn't been migrated yet, is fine.

Any ideas why, SE14 removes the entries from DDSTORAGE?