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Former Member
Sep 21, 2007 at 07:23 AM

Process chain not launched


Hi Guru's,

I set up in production a new dataflow (the first one) and i have a process chain to load transactionnal data and i have 2 other sprocess chain to load master data.

My chains for master data are schedule in the evening and there is no problem on it. But my chain for my transactionnal data is schedule during the night at 4:30am.

but since i shcedule it, it never works every morning i check my process chain monitor and nothing was dne during the night. the first time i thought that i made a mistake of scheduling. but the soncd time i checked sevral times and the icon of the scheduling was correct.

I check my log in SM37 and there is no logs, I check also in SM21 and nothing.

So now i don't now where i have to check. I'm in BI7

Thanks for help