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how can we transfer Cost and Revenue - separated - to COPA using VA88 in non valuated sales order

Sep 03, 2017 at 11:10 PM


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i have one sales order with one related production order as the attached , the issues on production order is calculated on RA as a WIP and then when we settle the sales order , this WIP transfer to COPA as A COGS using Value field but revenue doesn't transfer to COPA

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Holger Homann Sep 04, 2017 at 06:18 AM

If you're using sales orders with CO integration and Result Analysis everything depends on your RA customizing. As more detailed you're RA is as more detailed the settlement to CO-PA is because the system does not transfer the original values posted to CO-PA but those one which the RA calculated on RA cost elements.

So if you want your revenues to be settled to CO-PA you have to assure the following:

-> Check if the account assignment of the billing document is your sales order ... if not adjust the copy control Settings in SD
-> Check if your revenues are assigned to dedicated line id (OKG5)

-> Check if your revenue line ID is declared as revenues in your Update Customizing (OKG4)

-> Check if RA cost element assigned to your revenue line ID is part of the PA transfer structure in requirement class customizing and Shows on your revenue field in CO-PA

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Dear Ali,

In addition to what Holger has mentioned the billing needs to happen prior to the RA and settlement. Billing will post the revenues on the sales order (provided as Holger mentioned account assignment of the billing document is your sales order).



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thanks Holger , but kindly can you explain the proper result analysis method used to capitalize COGS to WIP in case we use product cost by sales order (non valuated) , and how we can canceled this WIP , is it with TECO of Related Orders or with final billing , and how the status of sales document item will be FNBL . i'm confused about that specially i don't need to calculate any thing other than WIP to represent the valuated stock which will not found in our case (NON Valuated sales order Stock ) .

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okay Normally WIP (on a sales order) is cancelled if the Status "Final Billing", "Technical completed" or "completed" is set ... but "Final Billing" is the only one which is set automatically after the last billing document was created or if the order is cancelled.

If an order gets "Technical completed" or "Completed" even the accruals will be cancelled.

Just look at SAP-Standard RA Key 000004 this should be the best template for your process

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Thank you very much Holger .