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Sep 21, 2007 at 01:40 AM

Best practice for timing of Transfer of forecast to R/3 Demand Management


Hi All,

I have APO DP 4.0 with monthly bucket. What is best practice to transfer the planning results to R/3. Meaning how many times we should transfer it?

And when forecast (PIR) is transfered it replaces the old PIR in demand management for that month. How it will affect the consumption of forecast in R/3? Meaning let us say in same month first time forecast transfered was 100 and by middle of the month 50 has been consumed. Now in same month forecast has been carried out and now 200 has been calculated for the same month and transfered to R/3. Now ideally the remaining quantity to be made should be 150 in R/3. Is it so? Any idea?