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Sep 20, 2007 at 06:34 PM

Integration Server URL not being updated in SXMB_ADMIN


I have changed an incorrect entry in the SLD for my business system for my XI installation (port was wrong).

When I go into SXMB_ADMIN --> Integration Engine --> Configuration --> Integration Engine Configuration

The corresponding Integration Server has the wrong port entry (the old one). So, I goto "Goto" --> Change Global Configuration --> and click on System Landscape and it pulls back the old entry (supposedly from the SLD)!

I have run RZ70 and the SLD bridge in the Visual Admin with no effect. Where is this data cached? I need to get the right data. The developers can't work (this was a new PI 7.0 installation (failed at the wizard configuration step create business system -- was installed by someone else). Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!