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Sep 20, 2007 at 03:33 PM

Warehouse multiple staging area define



this is the scenario what we have in production

we have multiple subassemblies which takes place for the final product ,


finished Part 1 -- has 2 subassemblies say subass A and sub ass B ,

for Sub ass A we have 2 materials C and D requiremnts for mfg

so what we do is initially for mfg sub ass A we move material C and D from the warehouse to a bin just before the prod line ( say Prod Prep Bin) and when the production order is confirmed the materilas will be consumed from that Prod prep Bin

now for mfg Finished Part 1 the material will be backflushed from the WIP area where sub ass A and subass B are sitting.

My question is in the warehouse structure how do i define each of the areas

1. The Prod Prep Bin

2, The WIP areas from where the material for the finished goods is backflushed

please suggest