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Reuse / Integration of existing data authorizations with and without HANA Live data access

Sep 01, 2017 at 01:29 PM


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Dear all,

I am currently struggeling in the search of options to reuse existing authorizations of another system. The plan is to build up some reports in Analytics Cloud, include them into another SAP Portal (SAP C4C) per web service as a mash up and via SSO. So the C4C user could access to the fancy reports of Analytics Cloud, without logging into the Analytics Cloud system. Till now I only got the answer, that authorizations have to be maintained in Analytics Cloud as there is no option to take over the authorizations of another system. Not per initial upload and not on run-time. But I remember, that using HANA Live data access would do take care about the assigned authorizations of the user of the requesting system. Can anybody help?

BR & thank you in advance!

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Julian Jimenez
Sep 01, 2017 at 10:53 PM

Hi Perceval,

If I understood your question, you want to use SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) charts in other portals. For now, this is only possible if the users log into the application.

Roles: you can map SAC roles using using SAML attributes:

You can't import what you have defined in HANA but if you use SSO between SAP Analytics Cloud and HANA, the user will be using the authorizations defined in HANA when refreshing data.

Soon, we will have the option to have SAP Analytics Cloud charts embedded in another pages. Keep an eye in this community for new features added.



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Hi Julian!

Thank you for your response! We want to use the mash up functionality within C4C in combination with SSO which means that reports from SAP Analytics Cloud will be included like an iFrame into C4C and the user will have the experience that he is not leaving the C4C environment.

SAP C4C has its own authorization concept and we were wondering if there is a way regarding HANA Live access to akquire data via HANA Live! from C4C. Because in that approach we assume that data authorization would be checked by C4C and we would not have to mirror them to SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP C4C is handling the authorizations by so called partner functions (9 in total) which can be filled in with 1 to x customers (7000 customers in total). Looking into the authorization concept of SAP Analytics cloud we would can import the users and their assignement to partner functions easily by a flat file that we can create by a function module out of SAP C4C, but the data authorization on SAP Analytics could would require that we go into the data model and manually assign each of the 7000 values for the customer dimension to the responsible SAP Analytics Cloud users initially and then whenever a responsibility changes, because there is no flat file import available for this purpose as we have it in the user creation section.

I do not expect, that we are the only one having that issue?

A lot of details, but I hope it makes the challenge clearer... Any ideas?

BR & thank you so much,



Hi Percy

We now support URL embedding.

See this link:
Unfortunately, your security issue is not supported at this time. You want to delegate your roles and authorization to C4C correct?

I suggest creating an enhancement request here for that: