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Freight amount treatment during MIRO

Sep 01, 2017 at 07:27 AM


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We are facing an issue during Service PO process.

Note: - We maintain "Indicator for Service-Based Invoice Verification" under Invoices tab of PO.

Scenario is...

1. In service PO, service line item having Qty. 2 Nos with Gross amount 100...Hence, Net value will be Rs. 200. Now, in PO conditions, we maintain Freight Condition as Rs. 50.

2. Now, we process Service Entry Sheet against Service PO.

3. During MIRO processing, Freight amount is calculating value as Rs. 100. (due to service line item have 2 qty.)

Now please clear, how Freight amount will reflect Rs. 50 inplace of Rs. 100.

Any suggestions...


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5 Answers

Narasimhulu Konnipati Sep 01, 2017 at 09:42 AM

Hi Anil,

Service related PO's works on value basis. We give only one QTY and Procure services as we want (multiple times). There is no need of mentioning the QTY as 2 in Service related PO's and system won't restrict you in case if you post Service Entry Sheet with 2 QTY or multiple Service entry sheets.

Make the QTY as 1 in PO and post MIRO.

This should work but have it tested before you do it in PROD.



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Former Member Sep 01, 2017 at 12:12 PM

Hi Anil,

As you mentioned in your Question ,you are procuring the service from external vendor for Hilti M/cs repairing.

Option#1-Maintain net price for service charges for 2 m/c inclusive of freight charges.So you can certify services in ML81N T.code without freight charges .


If you want to certify & post the freight cost separately in MIRO T.code for m/c repairing from a vendor,then you have to maintain a freight vendor for procuring the freight services.As you know that M/c repairing vendor can not be paid for freight charges because transport treat as a separate service.

So you have to certify two service entry sheets one for m/c repair & one for freight services.

I hope that you will get results in your SAP ERP system.

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Hi Jayant,

Thanks for response...

My option is 2... we have to post freight amount separately in MIRO (as we have mentioned Freight condition during PO line item).

So, as per your advise....single PO is OK but we need to generate SES separately....

I think here is some doubt... you are telling for SES separately or MIRO ?

Also, if it is MIRO, even though freight amount will calculate the value Rs. 100. (due to service line item have 2 qty.) different freight vendor case too....

See below screenshots....

Freight Vendor....maintained in freight line item


See.... amount 100 is showing for 2 qty in MIRO line item.

Now, please clear.

1.png (52.0 kB)
2.png (25.1 kB)
3.png (38.8 kB)
Anil Kumar Sep 01, 2017 at 11:08 AM


In Service PO line item, always shows quantity 1 but during Service line item, we can enter multiple qty. (as required).

See below screenshot....

In service line item, we enter quantity 2 and Freight amount is Rs. 50. So, this value is multiplying during MIRO.

What is alternate method for doing same?


12.png (165.3 kB)
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Raj kurhekar Sep 13, 2017 at 07:47 AM

Hi Anil ,

Maintain Freight condition on header level and check , in item level it split value in 2 quantity .



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Dibyendu Patra Sep 13, 2017 at 08:37 AM

Freight is not supported for service purchase order. Read the OSS note 381030 - Delivery costs in service

Also, check this OSS note for more details 571177 - MIRO/MR11: Freight costs for service order

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