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Inserting time stamp into table effecting insertion of other columns

I have a persistance table defined using CD file which contains hierarchy code(String(300)) and a time stamp(UTCTimestamp) coulmns.

I persist data from a temporary table(BOM_OUT) in a procedure.

If i include time stamp in my insert statement it is throwing error that inserted value is too large for hierarchy code column.

I checked the temporary table result the max length of the existing data is 51.

When i insert data without time stamp the data insertion is happening without an error.

In both insertion cases i have the following warning message where i inserted data into BOM_OUT from other temporary tables:

java.sql.SQLWarning: general warning: general warning: Type mismatch for table variable BOM_OUT:Declared type "NVARCHAR(45)" of attribute "HIERARCHY_CODE" not same as assigned type "NVARCHAR(50)"

yeah i have assigned values to BOM_OUT multiple time.

can anyone explain this behavior.

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  • Please show your minimal code and data to reproduce the issue. Also, which HANA version are you using? I'm not going to waste my time following a verbal description of what clearly is a coding issue.

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