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Former Member
Sep 20, 2007 at 09:37 AM

Transport request problems. Can't select contents of a table


Hello all,

I've manually created a transport request with the following characteristics:

1) It is of work-bench type (I've tried the copy type as well)

2) In order to transport contents of a table e.g. TE422 I create a line which has R3TR TABU TE422 as info. I then press enter. I get the KEY icon appearing on the line. I click on the key to enter the keys to table entries / contents.

Here is the problem:

a) On the pop-up screen I choose entire table contents.

b) On next screen I select all rows using the select all icon.

c) there doesn't seem to be a SAVE button available. So I simply press back button to get back.

d) when I get back to the screen where I must define keys to the rows, it is empty! there seem to be no other way than copy and paste to get these keys. This is almost impossible to do when table contains 50,000 or more entries. Copy and paste works on a screen by screen basis (at least in my case)!

Any ideas or solutions PLEASE?

Your help is greatly appreciated.