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C4C SDK UI Designer - Read a BO based on a field in the root / a field in one of its node

Hello Experts,

I have a scenario, where we certain calculations based on each Opportunity is stored in a CustomBO. Its something like the below...

businessobject OpportunityIdleDays {
[AlternativeKey] element ID : ID;
element isConsistent : Indicator;
element ZOppId :BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

node Opportunity[0,1]{
element ZOpportunityId :BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

I'm creating this BO using an MDR. All goes fine until here. I can Execute query from the studio on the BO either at the root element ZOppId or on the Opportunity node element ZOpportunityId and I'm able to retrieve an instance.

The actual problem is, customer wants to see IdleDays field on the Opportunity screen TI Header.

I created an EC and attach it to Opportunity TI, and I get the Opportunity ID as inport. Now, once I get the Inport, I want to read / get the OpportunityIdleDays instance based on the Opportunity ID and display the IdleDays on the header

I tried to use Read BO Operation, it doesn't work. It doesn't pick up the instance at all.

Can some one help me on this.

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