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Former Member
Sep 20, 2007 at 08:52 AM

To Moderators and all users...


<b>Thanks to the SDN group, it is really helpful for all of us in sharing and learning,</b>

One small request to everyone:

Could everyone go back to the thread started by him/her and mention the final solution?

If the solution is part of the thread, pls. reward the Points to right answer/helpful answer and close the thread, but if it some other solution, pls. mention the correct solution-how did you solve it, for the benefit of others.

I am sure with this, we will have strong database of Solutions 😊,

instead of only Problems and open threads 😔

<i><b>I hope Moderators of the Forum will also agree with this.</b></i>

I know, it will be painful and time consuming for many, however, it will be of great help for all of us, who want to Share & Learn.

Regards and best wishes,