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Sep 06, 2017 at 08:08 AM

JS Module / DB Module works despite error



we are running some XSODATa services on XSA, calls are processed with success,

XSJS - data are stored in Hana database.

However, after each call we get following error:

Should we search for it in our application or in the hana express configuration?

We are using HANA 2.0 SP0

9/6/17 10:05:01.004 AM [APP/1-0] ERR error: { [Error: insufficient privilege: Not authorized]

9/6/17 10:05:01.004 AM [APP/1-0] ERR      message: 'insufficient privilege: Not authorized',
9/6/17 10:05:01.004 AM [APP/1-0] ERR      code: 258,
9/6/17 10:05:01.004 AM [APP/1-0] ERR      sqlState: 'HY000',
9/6/17 10:05:01.005 AM [APP/1-0] ERR      level: 1,
9/6/17 10:05:01.005 AM [APP/1-0] ERR      position: -1 } 'SAP_HDBEXT POOL: could not reset connection'