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Oct 12, 2016 at 04:37 AM

Tax classification 2 for material and customer


Dear Gurus,

I have created a new tax type and done the following configurations:

1. Created new condition table with key fields Departure Country/Destination Country/Tax Class of Cust-2/Tax Class of Mat-2/Material.

2. Created new access sequence and placed the new condition table in it. Requirement 8 and exclusive indicator.

3. Created new condition type and assigned access sequence created above.

4. Maintained entry in Pricing procedure.

5. FI side settings were done by FI consultant (Tax procedure, FXTP etc)

6. Define Tax determination Rules: I assigned the new tax type to the country in which the delivering plant is present, i.e in this case India.

7. Maintain Tax relevancy of master records: - I created customer and material taxes entries - 0 (exempt) and 1 - full tax.

The issue I am facing is this: When I create a sales order, the fields tax classification -2 of material in the billing document tab in sales order item and tax classfication 2 of customer in billing document header are not being picked correctly. Is there any step that I have missed?