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Sep 20, 2007 at 05:42 AM

[URGENT] Partial Payment Through F-58



Through F-58 i can make partial payment through partial payment tab or through the residual items tab.


If i pay using Partial paymt tab for one open item partially. In the standard payment advice i get one line item with partial amont paid in the payment column.

Say, amount was Rs. 1000 i pay 400-, so payment shows Rs 400 in advice.



If I make the same payment using residual tab, amount was 1000, i enter 600-, i.e i pay Rs. 400, but here, it creates 2 line items one with original amount and other with entered amount (ie Rs 600 -) and net i.e the payment amt Rs 400 which is displayed in total.

My Problem:

1)I cannot decide whether the customer pays using partial payment or residual payment.

2) I have to display in follwing format other than standard format.

Date INV. Reference Orig.Amt Bal. Due Discount Payment


total xxx


3) In case of partial payment using pp tab and residual items tab, different payment amount aapers in payment column in payment advice.

ex. for residual items it shows original amt and deducted amount n the same colm. For pp tab, it directly shows the paid amount.

now since the same field is getting updated how can i differentiate so that i can change and get the output in the format given above.

Also, i am not able to understand which table stores this original amount to be paid.

Please help me out.... I hope my problem is clear .... I am stuck on this and no help from anyone till now ....