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Sep 19, 2007 at 07:12 PM

How to load sets from R3 to BW


In R3, we have many report painter reports which were written using various account sets and cost center sets, etc. These sets were created in t-code GS01, and they can contain one single node or multiple nodes.

We are activating various BW cubes and loading all data from R3 into the appropriate cubes. We noticed that none of the sets we use in our R3 reports are in BW. Even R3 sets that are created in KDH1, for example, if the set only contain a group of accounts (and no multiple nodes), they don't show up in BW.

We know that standard BW can accept 'hierarchies', but most of our sets are not true 'hierarchies', and we cannot create hierarchies for them because some of the nodes will have overlapping/repeating values.

Is there a way we can extract the R3 sets and load it into BW? We do not want to maintain the sets manually in BW. Users will change these sets in R3 and we want the ability to automatically load those changes into BW.

We are currently on R3 - ECC 5.0, and NetWeaver BI 7.0.

thank you,