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How long time it will take aprox. to implement and configure Charm in SAP SolMan 7.2?

Sep 04, 2017 at 04:45 PM


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Hi SolMan gurus,

I´m working with SAP SolMan 7.2 and i want to configure Charm but i´m wondering the stimated time needed for implementation and configuration.

Thanks a bunch, Roy Naranjo

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3 Answers

Prakhar Saxena
Sep 05, 2017 at 10:02 AM

Hi Naranjo Roy

first of all there are 2 types of solman consultant like Solman Functional and solman Technical ......what role do you play?

it is not an easy task at all just reading some blogs or wiki will not help you to set it up correctly. Further, you might set it up in system but how you plan to understand what is required by your customer.

one of the biggest mistakes i normally see is doing implementation without knowing the depth of is not a tool but a process...hence it can be mapped as the complete change management process for any customer for any landscape including SAP and non SAP components etc.

In case you just want to use transport management capability you might not want to do charm but then again all goes to first question what is the customer requirement.

In addition for your understanding it is completely based upon SAP CRM service answer to your query is how much time your team/company normally takes time to do it for CRM implementations.

I hope this clarifies but feel free to revert with some more details



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100% agree- you need to know what the customer wants AND you should know what is feasable (or not). Otherwise the implementation and configuration is doomed to failure (after taking way more time than initially planned...)

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Hi Prakhar thanks a lot for your quick response,

I´m solman technical (basis background), The client is requesting the installation from scratch for SolMan 7.2 including ITSM and Charm configuration in just 3 months, time wich i think it falls short for the real time and effort needed.

I´m seeing the same thing and according to your clarification that blogs or wikis does not provide the full configuration information since it depends as you mention before on the client requirement and more on the process rather than the tool itself.

Best regards, Roy Naranjo

Tammy Powlas
Sep 04, 2017 at 04:54 PM

It depends on your use cases

Are you migrating or is this a brand new implementation?

The longest part will be testing

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The time taken to implement ChaRM also depends on whether you are configuring this for the first time or have done a few for first timers a lot of things can (and does) go wrong.

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Hi Tammy,

Thanks a lot for taking your time and for your response,

A client is asking me to install SolMan 7.2, ITSM and Charm configuration all in 3 months. I have installed SolMan 7.1 before so no problems to do it in 7.2 version but with ITSM and Charm i have no previous experience, so whith that in mind is too risky for me to accept the client´s estimated time. I have proposed 12 weeks only for SolMan and ITSM but with Charm i think the right approach is to propose a second stage (as an independet project) and estimate the different efforts and resources involved since i neither do have the expertise/time as has been initially proposed by the client.

Thanks again and best regards, Roy N


Hi - when I was new to SolMan it took about a week to set up and do a proof of concept for ITSM, 2 weeks for Charm. But then it gets complicated after that - authorizations can be complex. You can look at the "functional" side of Solman by checking out the Cloud Appliance Library at

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Former Member Sep 06, 2017 at 02:06 PM


Check out this Adoption Overview from SAP:

But as Prakhar already mentioned - ChaRM is not only a tool, it's a complete organizational process.
The mentioned efforts seem to be for the pure technical setup only! No requirements gathering, no designing, no testing, no training...

Good Luck, Jan

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